Home needed for 2 kittens


Sending out an urgent request for a home for 2 very sweet kittens. We won't be home for long, so this is urgent. The kittens are in Trinidad, not in the UK.

Cats are smart, protect the environment against vermin, influence mood in a positive way, can detect early onset cancer in humans, and in many cultures are thought to bring good luck, wealth and prosperity. They are far easier than dogs to maintain and keep.

Enhance the spirit and compassion in Trinidad society by adopting and caring for a rescued animal, cat or dog. We have spent far more than half-a-million dollars on this website over ten years, with no help nor support from anyone: do your part, do something good for Trinidad, however small. Now adopt our kittens 8-).

Please contact: kittens@trinidaddreamscape.net for more information. Thank you for your help.

We would like to thank Sarita Rampersad for helping us get the word out about the kittens.


Sugarcane trail, 2013. Arca-Swiss 4x5, Fujichrome Velvia 50 film.

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